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  • Business Strategic Planning
  • Market Research and Survey

    Market Research and Survey

    Identify All Target Markets: define WHO your ideal customer is or target market. Most companies experience 80% of their business from 20% of their customers. It makes sense then to direct your time and energy toward those customers who are most important.

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  • Project Management

    Project Management

    At the heart of the delivery of our services is the philosophy that our customers are our partners, and we enter into partnership with them in obtaining some measurable objectives. This is one of the distinguishing features of stupa that is tried and proven as one of the best service delivery methods. We believe that our customers have the potential to overcome their challenges in most instances, and we act as facilitators and supporters of this process. This paradigm is ratified by our service standards, which we consider in the next section, and executed by the workgroups, which we will consider further on.

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We at STUPA do not just search the candidate to fill your company's position. What makes us different is that we look for the right talent who can prove to be an asset for the growth of your organization. We work in close partnership with our clients and candidates alike.

At first we understand the importance of business-culture and candidate suitability when finding the right candidate. Once you share your requirements to us, we make a follow up with your company to build a quality picture of who you are, how you work and who will best fit into your curriculum.We possess & build our own candidate database which is maintained up to date with the best recruitment software and rarely do we depend on any other source.

Use of Portals, Social Networking and latest technology adds an advantage to our recruiters to come out with best possible results. We can also offer advice on salary and quality benchmarking.Telephone screening and skill assessments are conducted with all applicants.

Questions and testing can be adapted to client’s individual vacancy or as per their quality requirement, if we find value addition is required we give the candidates free training and help them in acquiring the best industrial skills ensuring that we work for the betterment of the candidates for their career growth.